Employee Assessment/ Engagement

Employee Assessment/Engagement

Employee Assessment/Engagement

Employee Assessment/Engagement

One of the employers’ biggest challenges is hiring the right candidates and being able to retain them. Our QualifiedX Assessment Tool can help you choose the candidate who is the best fit for the job and for your company. We also develop customized solutions to improve employee engagement, employee satisfaction and to promote a positive work environment.

Employee turnover costs employers thousands of dollars for each affected position. Each employee in the company is the image for that company. Hiring the wrong employee can affect the company brand, customer experience and employee morale. In addition, the wrong employee affects employers’ revenue and profitability.

How are you choosing your prospective employees? Are you just looking at knowledge, skills and experience or are you using your “gut” feeling? Have you previously hired an employee who was not a good fit for your company? Did you know that a recent study showed that one in every two employees fail within the first 18 months on a job?

We can help. 

Our QualifiedX Aptitude/Competency Assessment Tool gives you a good indication about the candidate’s fit for the job and for the company. A recent study showed that Sales Associates who were rated “Qualified” by our assessment tool performed average monthly sales that were 9.6 times more than those who were rated “Not Qualified”.

The Tool provides a multidimensional assessment of the candidates in the following:




Engagement potential

Cognitive Ability





The assessment provides a specific score for each personality trait as well as a total score for each candidate. The detailed report you receive helps you compare candidates. It provides input on the “fit” of a candidate for a specific job category and for the company in general. It also shows you how a candidate scores in each category compared to established benchmarks for a specific job.

In addition, we also help you retain your high performing employees through:

Customized Employee Engagement Strategies

Exit Interviews and Stay Interviews

Onboarding Program development

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