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Drug Testing
DOT Physicals
DNA Testing
Background Screening
Employee Assessment/Engagement

Employees using drugs cost the economy and business owners $193 billion every year  (Office of National Drug Control Policy). 69% of drug users are employed – Is one of them working at your company? We can help. (Read more)

Are you tired of wait time when it's time to renew your DOT Physical? Not anymore, at PrecisionX, simply make an appointment by calling us or on our website and there will be no wait time for your service. (Read more)

Do you need a DNA test for Legal or Immigration purposes or perhaps for personal reasons? We provide DNA testing at our facility that is Legal and Court Admissible and accompanied by approved Chain of Custody and Control Forms. We use approved laboratories that provide accurate results and complete paperwork. (Read more)

Background Screening – if done properly – provides peace of mind for employers and landlords and minimizes their liability exposure. We help you select the appropriate background screening package at a competitive price. (Read more)

One of the employers’ biggest challenges is hiring the right candidates and being able to retain them. Our QualifiedX Assessment Tool can help you choose the candidate who is the best fit for the job and for your company. We also develop customized solutions to improve employee engagement, employee satisfaction and to promote a positive work environment. (Read more)

Training and Coaching

At PrecisionX, we have extensive experience in Corporate Training and Coaching. We help organizations with many aspects as it relates to Leadership, Strategy and Execution. (Read more)